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We offer support and provide rehabilitation to victims, especially among the migrant communities. We promote youth and women empowerment and stop sexual abuse in children.

Hepzibah organizes outreaches to immigrant communities where trafficking may be prevalent, we do seminars, discipleship, life skills trainings and counselling to empower women, youth and young adults.
We also organize training for couples and parents to prevent child abuse in partnership with some organizations in Europe. This is to enlighten parents and to make sure children are safe, heard and valued, also to ensure that child protection is everyone’s priority.

We build strong resilient children and families.

Hephzibah (HHOPE), advocates for women and children through our partnership with the government agencies and we carry out public enlightenment, and information sessions among migrant groups to highlight the plights of victims of sexual exploitation.  Hephzibah also support women who want to leave prostitution and those that were trafficked for sexual exploitation, back to their home country or be restored back to the society as a valuable member of the community.

    About us

    Hephzibah Holistic Outreach Project Europe (HHOPE) is a non-profit organisation set up to address the needs of women and girls that are victims of prostitution, illegal trafficking, sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation.


    Hephzibah will empower the migrant communities, particularly women with the knowledge of the supports and services available in the country so as to prevent them from being victims sex trade and sexual abuse.

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    Regional Headquaters Jesus Centre Dublin
    Unit 119A, JFK Industrial Estate
    City Dublin 12
    +35314299919 | Mobile: +353871180867 Whatsapp only
    +353 (01) 429 9928

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